47th National Rally for Classic & Vintage Motorcycles

This year National Rally is being held at Bridge View House, Glamis DD8 1QU on Saturday 13 Aug 2022.

Entry Forms, regulations or further information can be requested through Brian Gordon, National entry secretry at snaeventsec@hotmail.com

Or downloaded below


A member’s story

From Alec Stevenson:

This photograph shows my Great-Uncle Norman who, at this time, was one of the workers at the Vickers factory at Crayford making the Vickers Machine Gun as fitted to 8hp JAP-engined Matchless motor cycles, made just up the road at Woolwich, to create machine gun outfits like the one recently purchased for £46,000 by the British Motorcycle Charitable Trust to be exhibited by the Tank Museum at Bovington as the forerunner to the tank.

I do not know anything about the FN in the photograph but I have some of Norman’s tools dating from around then, all made in America.

In the 1950s Norman gave up driving his car and went back to using a motor cycle as his only transport. Perhaps because it was “built like a gun” he chose a Royal Enfield. It came from Angus Motor Cycles which was around 500 miles from Angus but was owned by Angus Herbert who had decided that his customers might not appreciate their new machines labelled “Supplied by A Herbert”.